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Rom Seen Print srl

Welcome to Seen Print!
For over 15 years, the SEEN Print company has been busy with production and marketing of adhesive labels, flexible packaging, duplex cardboards boxes, and equipment for printing and processing of bar codes.

Profile Description

Mission and Vision

We do not compete with other labels or boxes producers, we compete with competitors of our customers.

Us, with our products, we increase value to our clients and then help you to stay there by offering quality products at a competitive cost.

The team

Besides this team, who ensure product quality and value are our people, many of them together along the path traveled by the foundation of the company.

We was always open to the needs and preferences of our customers, our dedicated team taking in touch with customers.

We can say that the investment was the basis of our satisfaction over the investment activity was in SEEN Print people, materializing such a dynamic team of professionals: Seen PRINT Team.

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