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Leading digital and silk-screen printers have relied on print fabrics produced by Sattler for years  

SATTLER print fabrics guarantee:
• consistent quality
• uniform surface texture
• good colour receptivity
• colour brilliance
• good compatibility with all standard surface protection lacquers
• good processing characteristics even on super-wide-format printers
• stable shape and dimensionality
• good flatness
• excellent rolling behaviour
• optimum weldability
• optimised print finish for best printing results
• short set-up times

Applications: indoor and outdoor application, exhibition booth construction, roll-up advertising, back-lit
advertising banners

• even base fabric structure for
excellent light transparency in
back-lit applications
• high light transparency (approx.
23%) for best possible acuity
• with only 480g/m² advantage
of low weight during transport,
mounting and roll-change
• brilliant white colour

More information on our website:

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