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I & I Studio

Welcome to our page!
i&i studio is a group of expert web developers specializing in the use of cutting edge authoring tools to develop web applications of exceptional visual impact.

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This expertise lets us assist you in uniquely defining your products and services with the aim of gaining and retaining clients for you. At the heart of i&i studio are its designers and programmers who enjoy working at the cutting edge, pushing the limits of web tehnology and who will not settle for commonplace.


We believe that the internet is an integral part of both corporate image and overall marketing and communication efforts. We build websites upon brand image, that are clean and easy to navigate and rely on throughout approach to information design. Our design approach is consultative – we work with clients to prioritise map their content, allow for future expansion and allow users to easily navigate the site.
We are dedicated to create sites that WORK and to putting good design to work for you. We combine our wide-ranging visual knowledge and craft with a rogurous understanding of the mechanics and arhitecture of web sites. We will deliver the look and functionality you need.


Databases are the tools with what you can fully benefit from the advantages of the internet. Databases can incorporate a significant amount of information, that cannot be displayed at once on a website. You can present your products, services, you can keep a record of your sales, orders, customers, their feedback, etc. The information contained in databases is displayed on the website on query it is searchable by different criterias in order to suit the customer’s or visitor’s needs.
Our highly skilled and experienced programmers can develop custom relational databases for every need: online catalogues and directories, e-commerce and database integrates, any custom applications.


Demo cd-s, corporate identity, ilustrating, animations etc.

Domain names

Since 30 % of internet users find web pages either by searching for a company or a product by its name, it makes sense to secure your company’s web address as soon as possible. On the web you have no exclusive right to your company or product name. Today many easy-to-find web addresses are changing hands for very large sums of money. Secure yours today.
We can also help you buy and register your domain name free of charge.


It is essential for your website to be accessible to everyone from everywhere, all the time. Therefore we offer our clients reliable and affordable hosting facilities to match their needs. Our powerful servers provide a secure 24/7 service and high speed access to your website at a low monthly fee.


To keep your website fresh and bang up to date we provide ongoing programming services at an unbeatably low cost.


Everyone is using electronic mail these days. It is a quick, cheap and easy-to-use communication tool that every business needs. An e-mail account which includes your business name is a great image builder, showing your customers a strong corporate identity.
We can offer personalized e-mail addresses for your company staff with a corporate identity. (For example: yourname@yourcomany.com).

Presentation CD-s and digital business cards

Give your business a sophisticated twist by using CD technology to replace your current old-fashioned marketing material and sales catalogues.
The most effective marketing tool created offers a cutting edge multimedia presentation that will promove your message with effective and usable avenues. Inform, demonstrate , educate, entertain, involve and communicate. Leave your customers with an existing and memorable impression by easy browsing your presentation CD.

The CD multimedia presentation will have all the images, animations, texts and information you need to show your customers and partners. The inserted links wil help the viewers to visit your website and access a larger amount of information. Our cutting edge technology showcases your business with videos, photo’s, text and web links on one organized and easy-to-use CD. The possibilities are endless. To enhance your customer’s experience, your interactive CD-rom can include: video-animation customer surveys, digital photo’s, speech, voice overs, audio-music, fun games, interactivity, search engine.
The CD can have auto-run option, trade show kiosks, interactive disc-brochure, and it can be browsed page by page.
The CD-s can be in the size of business cards and various other shapes and can be labeled with your custom logo.
Contact us to request an in-person consultation.

Search-engine registration

Search engines are the basic tools of internet marketing. These are the most frequently used paths that visitors use to get a certain web location that provides the information they need. Therefore it is important your website to be listed in the major search for engines. This way you can state your presence on the web.
We offer search engine registration for your website free of charge.

Miscellaneaus design

Beside your complete internet presence we can help you build your off-line marketing tools. We offer complete corporate identity package design for your company, or just single items like: logo, business cards, stationary, brochures, catalogues, posters, advertisements, etc.
Please visit our graphic design portofolio to get an idea of the quality of our work.

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I & I Studio

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