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Heidelberger Druckmaschinen Romania

Bine ati venit!
We offer our customers all the components tailored to their requirements for successful business operations.

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We offer our customers all the components tailored to their requirements for successful business operations, primarily focusing on efficient and reliable production processes, economically optimal investments and smooth access to all necessary materials. Our business model is based on the three pillars of equipment, service and consumables. These form the foundation for our future growth as we continue to develop from being a technology-driven company to a market- and customer-oriented one.

Heidelberg’s goal is to increase the share of consolidated sales attributable to services and consumables to over 50 percent.

We have geared our portfolio towards the growth segments of our industry. We develop and produce core technologies for these ourselves, while complementary components and technologies are provided to our customers via strategic partnerships. Our products, service offerings and consumables, in addition to our partnerships, are tailored to meet specific future-oriented customer needs and are geared towards our customers’ economic success.

To achieve this we offer an all-round service with reliable presses and fully integrated solutions with the right services and consumables, which guarantee the utmost availability of all means of production and a smooth-running, continuous production process. The range extends from state-of-the-art digital technologies to preconfigured standard offset presses with corresponding cost benefits and fast delivery times, through to individually configured special presses for maximum productivity and every conceivable print application.

Heidelberg has a substantial service volume. Around 40 percent of our sales are generated from services, consumables and spare parts. Print shops have a constant need for these products as well as for consulting and other services. Therefore, this segment is less susceptible to economic developments than the new machinery segment, provides a stable basis for our business activities, and is to be expanded further on an ongoing basis.

We also support our customers by offering suitable financing concepts for their investment projects.

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