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Global Art Production

Global Art Production este cel mai important producator si furnizor de tablouri si decoratiuni din Romania.
Cu o experienta de peste 7 ani in productia de tablouri si decoratiuni interioare, GAP este un partener de incredere pentru companii de renume in industria hoteliera, retailul de mobila si decoratiuni.

Profile Description

We are inspired by images and we play with great imagery to create fabulous home decor.

We discover and curate vintage photography, antique illustrations or modern patterns and we print them on different basic substrates such as natural fabrics, paper, wood or glass. Then, we hand finish each piece with a precise attention to every single detail.

We want to make sure that for each product the highest quality is achieved.
But after all, it’s not only about the prints. Our goal is to create amazing pieces of wall art that can live by themselves or can be a part of a gorgeous interior decoration.

Our collection shows different styles, from classic and transitional to modern and contemporary.  We love to reinvent traditional concepts or to create new designs being inspired by everything that surrounds us. GAP managed to become in a short time one of the most important suppliers in European wall art market.

All our products are made in our own studios. Each artwork goes through every production phase – starting with the design process, the production and then finishing.

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