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Offering an extended range of UV-Setter models gives you the choice to select the product that fits your business requirements. With on top of that an unequalled modular concept, in terms of plate manipulation, quality and productivity, that let you tailor your equipment in order to grow with the success of your business.

A Milestone for Computer to Plate (CtP)

The basysPrint UV-Setter is a CtP platesetter for digital imaging of conventional offset-printing plates. What makes basysPrint’s UV-Setter unique is that it works with UV-sensitive conventional plates instead of digital CtP plates, which are used by most other CtP platesetters on the market today.

Since you can use your inexpensive UV-sensitive plates, the basysPrint UV-Setter can be easily integrated into your existing workflow processes – providing you an easy entry into the digital world of CtP printing.

With the basysPrint UV-Setter, you gain all the benefits of CtP, while still using the conventional printing plates you know and trust – plates with characteristics and process stability that you are familiar with, and which have produced quality work for many years. Furthermore, basysPrint’s UV-sensitive plates are more cost effective to work with and are better for the environment.

With the basysPrint UV-Setter, you can expose any plate format without restriction: from small to large formats up to 1560 × 2100 mm (61.4″ × 82.7″) – depending on the model you choose. The UV-Setter is configurable for almost all printing tasks.

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